OKEx Adds ETH Dashboard on skewAnalytics

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OKEx, the popular crypto spot and derivatives exchange has taken another step towards further enhancing the platform’s transparency by making Ether trading data available on skew. Having partnered with skew earlier this year to launch its own dedicated skewAnalytics dashboard, the platform is now offering market data including trading volumes of ETH futures, perpetual swaps and options alongside previously listed Bitcoin dashboard. By doing so, OKEx has become the first exchange to provide real-time data analytics dashboard for Bitcoin and Ether derivatives on skew.

Since entering into a partnership with skew in May, OKEx has added 2 dashboards, 10 additional advanced charts and in-depth metrics for traders. Currently, users on skew can conduct a range of market analyses including BTC futures aggregated open interest, BTC perpetual swap price vs Spot, BTC options open interest by strike and BTC options open interest by expiry. Moving forward, all these analytical capabilities will be available for ETH markets as well.

Commenting on the new development, Director of Financial Markets at OKEx, Lennix Lai said, “We’re very pleased to advance our fruitful partnership with skew, as the most trustful source of crypto derivatives trading data, and we continue to share the same values when it comes to promoting industry transparency.”

Skew is considered as one of the leading sources of reliable and trustworthy crypto derivatives market data among the trading community. Known for its objective, timely and detailed information, skew is preferred by individual and institutional traders alike, and also cited by world-class financial media outlets like Bloomberg on occasions while covering crypto markets. The inclusion of OKEx markets on such a platform stands as proof of the platform’s standing in the industry. The platform may add more features to its skewAnalytics dashboard in the near future to cater to a wide range of crypto assets and audiences alike.

“As with our Bitcoin dashboard and the inclusion of more complex analytical charts, we will be helping traders understand how to interpret the information on the Ether markets by publishing an in-depth guide that makes the charts useful rather than intimidating and helps them at the time of making their trading decisions,” added Lai

Meanwhile, in order to familiarize traders with the skew dashboard, OKEx VP of Financial Markets Quentin Issele, along with Lennix Lai and skew’s CEO and co-founder Emmanuel Goh organized a fireside chat last week.  The topic of the event focused strongly on crypto derivatives trading and analysis.

Access OKEx ETH dashboard on skew at – https://analytics.skew.com/dashboard/okex-ether


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